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Wood Fired Pizza Stoves

Wood Pizza Oven

wood fired pizza overThe tradition of wood fired ovens, goes back as far a recorded history.  Originally wood ovens were used primarily for bread but grew more versatile and evolved into the traditional pizza ovens that we see today. 


Wood pizza ovens were generally hand crafted using bricks and ceramics to maintain the heat.



Our TimberLine Pizza Stoves are designed for back yard enthusiast that want the great taste of a wood fired pizza with the mobility, flexibility and modern design of a traditional back yard cooking appliances.


The TimberLine wood fired pizza ovens are made from the finest materials and include a ceramic brick inlay that absorbs the fires energy, slowly transferring it to the pizza dough and topping to create an even cooking environment.  Of course everyone knows it is the slight smoke flavor of the open fire that makes a wood fired pizza so delicious.





How it works:


A wood fired pizza oven works by using 3 heating principles simultaneously.


  1. Convection heat – fire heats air, air heats pizza
  2. Radiation Heat – radiant heat from fire bounces off the inside dome to heat pizza
  3. Conduction - bricks under pizza are heated and this heat conducts to the pizza crust.


cooking with pizza over

cooking with a pizza stove

how a wood fired pizza stove works

Radiant Heat from the Fire

Convection Heat from the Air

Conductive Heat from the Brick





Three Styles to Choose







New Yorker

wood fired pizza smoker



classic wood fied pizza oven


stainless steel wood fired pizza oven

Combo Smoker and Pizza Oven



Small Pizza Oven


Large Stainless Steel Pizza Oven

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